Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Japanese movie, Aristocrats

       The long-awaited Japan Film Festival's online screening has begun. Today, on its 1st day, I watched the Japanese movie "Aristocrats." It is a compelling movie throwing light on the lifestyle of high-class families in Japan. 

       Through this movie, I was able to get to know numerous positive and negative aspects of the society of Japan. The children in the school, the young people at the restaurant, parks, marketplaces, wedding parties, everywhere, the rich, the so-called aristocrats, humiliated the less privileged people by staring at them and treating them as inferior or flawed. 

        On the other hand, the people from the middle-class always showed respect to the affluent class. The movie also portrayed the existence of patriarchy in Japan by displaying the women regarded as less than a man.

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  1. Insightful review beautifully expressed. Keep writing!